2023 Drifter Tracks

Resolving transport pathways through New England's continental shelf waters and beyond

updated every few hours

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PI (report/blog) Deployers (deploy video) Date Deployed (animation) Dropsite (forecast) #units Science (googleearth) Status (googlemap) ID-Type of Unit (photo) Fate (photo)
Seton Hall Prep High David Snyder F/V Nathaniel Lee Aug 21 2022 Oceanographers Canyon 2 education underway mini surface drifter 228400691,228400692 separated by several hundred miles after a few months
Waterford CT High OConner R/V Neil Armstrong Nov 13, 2022 Southern New England Shelf 1 education done surface drifter and miniboat 220400721 drifter along with Educational Passages miniboat "Lady Lance" as documented with a weekly blog with the deployment video posted here, apparently died 22 March. The miniboat was recoveryed by Azorean colleagues on 12 May 2023 off the island of Graciosa.
First Presbyterian Day School Patti Lewis and Harrison Smith F/V Fish Haven Mar 8, 2023 Gulf of Mexico 1 education moon tides done surface drifter 233280891 made a few loops, headed south, and then, one week after deployment, made it into Chandeleur South, circumnavigated an island, past the delta on 19 March, and, as of the end of the month, was headed westward. On May 9th, 2023, after a 2-month-long trek, it landed overnight on the breakwater at the mouth of Galveston Bay Texas but then apparently freed itself, headed into the bay the next morning, and then was recovered by El Jardin Beach-walker , Dave Pior who will connect it to his science-teacher daughter.
Falmouth MA High Cheryl Milliken USCG Mar 11, 2023 Cape Cod Bay 1 education/potential nuclear waste transport done surface drifter and miniboat 233410701 recovered by Laurie Davis on 14 March with a few bent/broken spars near the White Cliffs Cedarville neighborhood of Plymouth and picked up by JiM;
233410702 miniboat "Scarborough Sailor" went ashore to Plymouth Long Beach the first morning, recovered by a marine debris cleaner missing a few parts, and picked up by Cheryl
Southern Maine Community College Brian Tarbox Jeff Putman's Captain B
and Alex Todd's F/V Jacob and Joshua
Mar 29, 2023
May 26, 2023
Jeffreys Ledge 2 education underway surface "eddie" drifters  233430701 as seen being tested by students, stalled for a week before it started heading south, traveled cyclonically around Cape Cod Bay, oscillated a few times north/south between Wellfleet & Truro, came ashore May 20th, 2023 across from Allerton St in Ptown, evidently rolled around in the surf, reported the next noon 1/4 mile to the east, recovered badly damaged by Laura Ludwig's beach cleanup crew on 22 May, and transported to the Center for Coastal Studies;
235430701 ...
Jacksonville Marine Lab J Stalker USCG Mayport Station Jacksonville Florida Apr 8, 2023 Gulf Stream off Florida 2 education done large surface drifters 234300801 came ashore at Al Weeks North Shore Park in Ormond on 11 April and ended up at the Volusia County Beach Safty Headquarters in Daytona;
234300802 apparently came ashore about a mile south of the 1st one on 12 April but then showed up on a Palm Beach beach on 14 April
Meadowbrook Elementary Jessica MacManus M/V Albatross May 30, 2023 Cape Cod Bay 2 education underway surface drifters 235410701 recovered and videoed by Ann Plelan, a "cold plunger" at Corporation Beach on June 4th after a few days of northerlies ...
235410702 ...
Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab Steve Ruberg ? May 2023? Lake Michigan 2 HABs? planned surface "eddie" drifters  235440861 ...;
235440862 ...;
Jacksonville Marine Lab J Stalker USCG Mayport Station Jacksonville Florida May?, 2023 Gulf Stream off Florida 2 education planned large surface drifters 235300801 ...
235300802 ...
Career And Academic Development Institute Jeff Frank F/V ??? 2023 Mid-Atlantic Bight 4 education/CODAR planned surface drifter 233380711 ...
233380712 ...
233380713 ...
233380714 ...
Stockton University Anna Pfeiffer-Herbert ?? 2023 off New Jersey 1 education planned surface drifter 233400731...

Note: Most units are prepared by students in the classroom. The majority are standard "surface drifters" marking only the top 1-meter of the water column, and some have subsurface drogues typically centered at 10m-15m below the surface. For details, call 508-566-4080 or email james.patrick.manning@gmail.com.