Instructional Videos on how to rig and maintain the eMOLT telemetry system
on running the test mode28 April 2020JiM4
on swapping the probe30 April 2020JiM2
on charging the temperature probe30 April 2020JiM2
on how to look at the raw data files10 May 2020JiM3
on summary steps to troubleshoot10 May 2020JiM4
on how to estimate bottom temps13 May 2020JiM3
on how to simply test the transmitter1 July 2020JiM3
are all the lights blinking as they should?9 July 2020JiM3
on how to let us remotely look in your wheelhouse micro-computer5 August 2020JiM2
on how you will be able to use the interactivety of project websites6 August 2020JiM3