Preparing the Transmitter Mount

There are a variety of ways to mount the transmitter. The objective is to a) extend the mast and b) provide a small platform while minimizing windage. It is critical to devise a strong rig because this section of the drifter is most exposed to wave action. Here are some of the rigs we have used:
  1. Dan-style ski-pole mast extension option
    • cut the tip off a ski pole flush with the basket
    • cut the handle off and discard
    • Position the upside-down ski pole so it is offset to one side of the mast (see view from the top of the drifter in the left panel below)
    • Fit a c-collar pipe support at each end of the pole on the mast and secure with stainless or brass screws. The best method has not determined at the time of this writing. In any case, do not secure the mast extension in this case, until the flotation is slipped on.
    • In addition, We often use a couple very thin stainless nails as well as a few hose clamps to further secure the ski-pole to the mast and prevent it slipping vertically.

  2. Lag screw mast extension option for the 2x4 Eddie drifter
    • This is the more tried and true option.
    • We typically use 10" x 1/2" lag screws but those with screw on one end and a threaded bolt on the other will also work.
    • Ensure that at least 1/3" of the screw goes into the top of the 2x4 but that:
      • It does not extend into the spar hole area.
      • You leave enough room for any flotation to sit above the 2x4.
    • The picture (mid panel) shows the Eddie-style transmitter mount with a net-buoy on top of the mast and a 1x4" pine holding the transmitter

    mount 2 mount 1 mount 3

  3. Aluminum-framed Irina mount
    • Here we slide a 1" aluminum pipe (or section of old ski-pole) into the 1" square pipe frame.
    • This mast-extension allows us to slide our flotation on since the typical flotation has a 1" round center hole
    • We then bolt this in place with a 1-1/4" stainless bolt (see Figure below)
    • We attach the 1"by4" wooden platform to the aluminum pipe with a set of 1-1/2" L-brackets

    irina mount

  4. Telescopic L-bracket Transmitter Mount
    • This mount it built to attach to a 3/4" square steel tube
    • We used two 2" steel L-brackets that screwed into the wooden transmitter mount
    • Then we attatched the mount to the telescopic mast and used bolts to hold it in

    vertical mount
    vertical mount
    vertical mount

  5. Bamboo "star-shape" Frame Transmitter Mount
    • This mount size is 6" by 3.75" by 1.75".It is made with a piece of 2x4.
    • We need to make a hole but only through 1".The hole need fit bamboo.