1. It your drifter has ballast, make sure it is secure. Note: Aluminum-framed drifters do not need any although up to several ounces will not hurt.

  2. Insert 48" spars.

  3. Secure spars using small hose clamps or a few wraps of electric tape to prevent slip.

  4. Put on sails.

  5. Tie the inboard edge of the sails to mast with nylon cord or whatever.

  6. Tie the outboard edge of the sails to the end of the spars one way or another. Here's are some options:
    • use another hose clamp. You can either:
      • thread it directly through a small slit in the canvas
      • install another grommet and then tie the sail to the hose clamp with another piece of cord.
    • thread a heavy-duty hose clamp after poking a small hole through the canvas with an awl
      • since the hose clamp is more likely to slip along the rod, we often use black tape as a stopper which holds surprisingly well on the spars
    • thread the end of the spar so that you can install a nut or something to tie to

  7. Make sure you secure transmitter with the top facing up or towards the sky using a hose clamp (or heavy-duty tie wrap) and a few wounds of black tape.

  8. Test stability and position in the water (at least 6' deep). In the case of bamboo, allow for all cavities (spars included) to fill with water.

assemble 1 assemble 2

assemble 3 assemble 4

Note: Wooden dowels are not a good idea.