Shopping List for Drogued Drifter

Note: supplies beginning with "*" are needed only for a drogue drifter made with toddler play tunnels (current updated design), while supplies beginning with "**" are needed only for a drogue drifter built with leaf bags. All other parts listed are needed for both
Part Purpose # Type Size Source Cost
Transmitter positions 1 TrackPack ~4"x3"x1" GOM Lobster Foundation $350
*Toddler play tunnels drogue 2 toy 19"x72" Amazon $27.68
*Grommet kit attaching drogue, ballast, and bridle 1 Brass 1/4" Ace $
*Brass S-hooks connecting drogue sections 3 Brass 1/4" Ace 1.45$
*Chain ballast option 1 1 stainless or galvanized ~20" of ⅜" Ace $
*Large shackle ballast option 1 1 galvanized hardware 3/4" Ace $
**Pop-up leaf bags drogue 3 garden 21"x24" Ace $9.99
**Tie-wraps securing popup leaf bags together 9 plastic black heavy duty Ace $.05? each
**Large shackles ballast option 2 4 galvanized hardware 3/4" Ace $
Bull dogs fasten bridle to leaf bags 3 hardware 1/8" wire clamps Ace $2.07 each
Small shackles lash bridle to tether and tether to buoy 2 hardware 3/8" screw pin galvanized Ace $3.99 each
Stainless or wire-coated wire drogue tether and bridle 1 Hardware 1/8" by 50' Ace $8.99
Thimbles terminate 1/8" wire 8 stainless or galvanized 1/8" wire Ace $0.69 each
Ferrules crimp wire to thimbles at wire termination 8 galvanized hardware for 1/8" wire Ace $
Tie-wraps secure ballast to drogue 8 plastic black heavy duty Ace
Tape wraps around ferrels to slow corrosion 1 Black Electric Roll Ace
Buoy flotation and transmitter mount 1 Nylon Cord 17"x5" Ketchum Lobster Trap Co. $5.05