Shopping List for "Irina" (last modified Sep 2015)

Part Purpose # Type Size Source Cost
Transmitter Positions 1 TrackPack ~4"x3"x1" GOM Lobster Foundation $350
Aluminum square pipe Mast 1 square pipe 6'x1" Ace or on-line $8.79
Aluminum (or 12mm fiberglass) rods Spars 4 solid cyclindrical rods 4'x3/8" Ace or on-line $7.03 each
Canvas Provide Drag 4 8oz or 10oz Drop Cloth 20"x40" Ace or on-line $17.99 4'x15'
Grommet Maker Lash Sail 1 Kit w/ Grommets 1/4" Ace $5.79 24pack
Marine Fabric Glue Sail Seams 1 Beacons 4oz Bottle Ace $7.99
Hose Clamps or heavy tie wraps Hold Transmitter 1 Stainless 3"-4" dia Ace or on line ~$3 each
Small Hose Clamps Hold spars in place 10 Stainless 5/16" min dia Ace or Grainger or QC-Supply $1.99 each at Ace or $1.79 at Grainger cents on $0.88 at QC-supply
Wood Support Transmitter 1 Pine 1"x4"x4" Lumber Yard
L-bracket w/screws secure Transmitter Mount to top of mast 2 galv 1"x1/2" Ace $4.79 each
nut & 6/32 bolts secure L-bracketts to mast 2 galvanized or stainless 1" &1/2" Ace $?
Tape Wrap Transmitter 1 Black Electric Roll Ace
Line Secure Sails 1 Nylon Cord 3/16"x5" Ace
flotation Buoyancy 1 acorn lobster buoy 5 lbs buoyancy Fishing Supplies (Ketchum Trap, Hamilton's, Sandwich Ship, or on-line $6.28