Preparing the Transmitter

  1. Protect seams of GPS transmitter we use good marine caulking (such as 5200 or 4200).
    Note: We usually do this step for you since we work with bulk sets of transmitters.

  2. Type a note to put inside a water-proof bag (or laminated paper) describing your project, your contact info and ask finders to mail transmitter back.

  3. Mark "top" on the outside of your enclosure along with the 6-digit transmitter #.

  4. IMPORTANT: Put the transmitter in the enclosure so that the top of the transmitter will face up.

  5. Minimize air in the enclosure.

  6. Make a tighter package with a few wraps of black tape without hiding the transmitter#

  7. Wrap extra sail material around bagged transmitter for cushioning when tightening hose clamp or securing with zip ties so the bag doesn't get ripped by hose clamp.

Note: While enclosing the transmitter is optional, it serves to protect the note and it also provides some material for the hose clamp or tie wrap to grab onto. In the case of the drogued drifter, we do not bother with the plastic bag enclosure at all since we glue the transmitter into a carved-out rectangle on top of the buoy.